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The LCD screen enables you to quickly verify your connections and settings before you even put your helmet on. Conversely, manage device functions hands-free while riding using the voice commands supported across 8 languages.

And the glove-friendly Jog Dial is perfect for changing volume or answering your phone calls while on the go.

You can also take advantage of the Sena Utility app on your smartphone to configure your 5S Bluetooth headset the way you want at the touch of a button. The Utility App also gives access to four EQ presets of bass boost, balance, mid boost, or treble boost; listen to your beats how you want to!


  • Bluetooth 5
  • HD Speakers
  • HD Intercom
  • Intercom upto 700m in Open Terrain
  • Two Way Intercom
  • Multi-Language Voice Command
  • Audio Multitasking
  • LCD Display
  • FM Radio
  • Talktime upto 7 Hrs; Charging Time 1.5Hrs
  • Weight Module 38g

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